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  • Episode IX: Bendu's Shadow

    On their way to realy with Rajsh (Jabba the Hutt's trusted arms dealer) our spacers find themselves thrown into the Galactic Civil War that they had no reason to be part of. They find themselves at the mercy of the Rebellion... in the sense that they …

  • Episode X: Stalitz Flight

    After waking up weeks after the ISD Raptor captured them, our Spacers realise that they are in fact in prison! After some investigation they realise a way out via the mine crates and manage to make it to the Lambda Shuttle. However the Lambda Shuttle …

  • Rajesh

    Rajesh is one of Jabba the Hutt's trusted arms dealers. His accent that may sound offensive is a slight to those that do not know him. He is devious, sly, cunning, and will always find a way to score extra credits.