A Wookie, a Jawa, and a Feeorin walk into a cantina...

Episode II: Only Two Ways Home

On their way to Formos, Tik Tik and Groz are stopped by an Imperial Cruiser. They are approached by an Admiral who asks them to hunt down a rogue Captain in the Crackull Star System and bring him back alive.

In return, the Admiral will pay them with credits and provide them with legitimate papers to pass freely throughout the Outer Rim (These papers had a tracking device embedded on them).

Tik Tik and Groz reach the star system where they are attacked by pirates bearing the symbol of Crussk the Trandoshan, who killed Groz’s family years ago.

They finally find the Imperial Frigate and request to board in order to under take ship repairs. Once on board, they look around the Frigate and realise that the ship has been taken over by a cult named the “Knights of Humanity”.

Stumbling onto a temple within the frigate, Groz and Tik Tik are attacked by the Knight’s of Humanity’s Swordsman and many of his minions. In a stroke of luck, Groz and Tik Tik manage to dislodge two of the huge stone pillars; crushing the group to death.

The frigate is now on high alert, and Tik Tik and Groz begin to hunt down the Imperial Captian. Groz uses his Wookie strength to rip open a steel door with his bare hands. They enter the bridge and realise the Captain is back at the hanger bay where their ship is.

The duo race back to the hanger, notifying the Imperials that the hyperdrive has been disabled and that they can attack. Once at the hanger, a battle rages between the Cultists, Imperials, and a band of Pirates.

Groz and Tik Tik manage to capture the Captain alive for the Imperials, but as they are about to leave Groz notices Crussk taunting him in the distance…however that fight will have to be left for another day.

Episode I: Crates of Krayts

Tik-Tik and Groznagurra were asked by Sinasu the Hutt to transport Krayt dragon eggs and a young dragon from Tatooine to Nar Shaddaa. Before they could leave, they were attacked by Tusken Raiders and forced to make a run for it.

During their hyperspace travel, the two managed to successfully feed and sedate the dragon.

Once at Nar Shaddaa, they see that the landing pad has been destroyed so ask around and find out that Sinasu is hiding out in the TechTank. They arrive, only to be ambushed by Bounty Hunters. During the battle, they manage to rescue Sinasu and fly off with the Cargo.

Once safely away, Sinasu offers the duo a chance to double their reward by picking up a bounty in the spaceport of Formos.


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