A Wookie, a Jawa, and a Feeorin walk into a cantina...

Episode X: Stalitz Flight

After waking up weeks after the ISD Raptor captured them, our Spacers realise that they are in fact in prison! After some investigation they realise a way out via the mine crates and manage to make it to the Lambda Shuttle.

However the Lambda Shuttle does not function! But some quick thinking from our spacers makes them check the escape hatch… and lo and behold they find away out of the Star Destroyer…

To a planet!!!

After the shock, our spacers gather their wits and figure out a plan, Get back on the star destroyer, radio for help, destroy the hyperdrive, and get out of dodge.

During their escape they meet up with a rebel spy Major Dernigan who aids in their escape. After a fierce battle, our spacers manage to reach the hanger and launch themselves in prototype TIE Fighters.

After the battle, the spacers are awarded with upgrades as well as their own Z-95 Headhunter.

Episode IX: Bendu's Shadow

On their way to realy with Rajsh (Jabba the Hutt’s trusted arms dealer) our spacers find themselves thrown into the Galactic Civil War that they had no reason to be part of. They find themselves at the mercy of the Rebellion… in the sense that they either get left drifting on their own or they can help the greater good.

Fortunately Ptolomias sees above the need for credits and pulls this rag tag crew together to do one mission for the Rebel Alliance. To capture the Bendu’s Shadow.

Once they board the Bendu’s Shadow under the guise of Imperial repairmen… it soon becomes apparent that all isn’t well on this ship. Our spacers rea;lise that this ship is now in the control of droids… hell bent on killing non droids.

Once they managed to take over the ship, the ISD Raptor looms overhead and they find them selves captured!

Episode VIII: The Jewel of Yavin

After their brush with the Sith and the Force, our spacersw find themselves embroiled in a city wide corruption syndicate in Cloud City on the planet Bespin. In order to clear their name and also deliver highly valuable goods to Jabba, our apacewrs undertake a risky heist in the cultural museum of Bespin. Against all odds, our loveable rogues managed to steal the “Jewel of Yavin” and hand it over to a businessman who immediately double crosses them. Once our spacers escape the authorities on Bespin, they vow to hunt down the man that has betrayed them… but at what cost to the Jedi code that has been long forgotten?

Episode VII: Lost Knowledge

Based on force knowledge from the now Jedi Knight that is Ptolomias Vae, our group of spacer shead to the secluded planet of Athiss. There they encounter some weird behaviour with the local tour groups. After a tough journey through the wilds of Athiss, our spacers uncover a hidden temple with strong connections to the force. Using Ptolomias’ training and Groznagurra’s natural knack of the force, our spacers find themselves confronted with what can only be a Sith apparition!

Our group manages to subdue the Sith apparition and have the choicde to collect the kyber crystals before them… however, in a surprising turn none of the group decide to collect a fully formed crystal and are left with a pouch of fragments.

Episode VI: Beyond the Rim

So Tik-Tik and Groznagurra reach Nar Shaddaa and it’s there that they encounter the young Jedi, Ptolomias Vae. After explaining to Ptolomias what happened on Mon Calamari, the Feeorin decides that it is in his best wishes to team up with this rag tag duo and disrupt the Empire however he can.

Episode V: Echoes of the Past

Our duo reach Nar Shaddaa and drop off the required crates to the Devaronian Rajesh.

Groznagurra and Tik-Tik are approached by a nondescript man who introduces himself as a historian. He enlists their services for a simple transport and protection detail to a planet that has been off the astrogation charts for centuries, a planet on which he’s looking for an ancient artifact.

As they begin traveling with him, they are jumped by a large group of Ubese mercenaries who subsequently chase Groz and Tik-Tik off-planet.

As the three jump into hyperspace from Nar Shaddaa to the mystery planet, they soon find themselves on an abandoned planet and discover that this is a planet seeped in Jedi history.

Eventually, they find their way to an ancient Jedi temple, and delve into its secrets to obtain thea holocron that the historian tasks them with finding. After Groz and Tik-Tik find the holocron, they depart the temple only to find a Dark Jedi waiting for them over the corpse of the historian.

As the Dark Jedi leaves, he disdainfully orders his minions to wipe out the duo and comb the temple for anything useful.

As they escape back to their ship, they find a message that the historian left on board in the event of his death. The message reveals a contact he has on Mon Calamari, with whom they must rendezvous to finish the job and get paid.

Groz and Tik-Tik make this journey to Mon Calamari, barely escaping the clutches of an Imperial vessel above the lost planet. On Mon Calamari, they seek out this colleague of the Jedi historian.

Upon delivery of the holocron, Groznagurra and Tik-Tik are given the opportunity to take a glimpse into the secrets of the holocron – which leads to a trek underwater to find another artifact. However, upon retrieval of this artifact, they are again confronted by the Dark Jedi, and they must do all in their power to defeat him.

In the ensuing battle, their cherished YT-1300 Light Frieghter – The Flame Princess – is destroyed. They do however obtain a new ship as a token of thanks for helping out.

Furthermore, the Jedi that helped them on Mon Calamari has asked our duo to find her padawan, Ptolomias Vae, who would benefit from touring the galaxy and helping those in need. His last location was on Nar Shaddaa…

Episode IV: Dealings with Jabba

Feared crime lord Jabba the Hutt has hired the mischievous duo of Groznagurra and Tik-Tik to take care of some trouble in the small town of Anchorhead on Tatooine.

With the chance to impress an influential Hutt crime lord, our vagrants must do what it takes to solve this problem and please Jabb the Hutt.

Immediately arriving outside of Anchorhead, Groz and Tik-Tik are attacked by Tusken Raiders. They immediately repel the attack and begin their investigation.

After some severe questioning of the local drug users/dealers; they manage to locate the small fortress of the drug lord and prepare to launch an attack.

During the attack, Groznagurra realises that the Trandoshan pirate called Crussk is in the vicinty. This Trandoshan was to blame for his tribes massacre years before. Groz immediately sets Crussk on fire, who barely escapes with his life and leaving his pirate crew to fend for themselves.

After Crussk gets away, the duo turn their attention on the drug lord and take his head and datapad to Jabb the Hutt who is impressed with their skills. He offers them more work of delivering illicit goods to a Devaronian named Rajesh on Nar Shaddaa.

Episode III: Trouble Brewing

Finally back on track, Tik-Tik and Groz reach the Formos spaceport in search of Bandin Dobah.

Through some tough talking and threats they figure out where Bandin Dobah is hiding. But before they set off disater strikes. Whilst shopping in the busy spaceport, one of their thermal detonators un-clips from one of their belts. It explodes, causing chaos in the spaceport and an immediate Outer Rim wide bounty from the Imperials.

They head off for the final confrontation on a large asteroid within the Kessel Run itself. There they slaughter Bandin Dobah and take an Aqualish thug as prisoner.

On their way to collect their reward, they hear that Sinasu the Hutt has lost their employment in a game of Sabbacc. Instead, they are to report to Jabba the Hutt immediately on Tatooine.

Episode II: Only Two Ways Home

On their way to Formos, Tik Tik and Groz are stopped by an Imperial Cruiser. They are approached by an Admiral who asks them to hunt down a rogue Captain in the Crackull Star System and bring him back alive.

In return, the Admiral will pay them with credits and provide them with legitimate papers to pass freely throughout the Outer Rim (These papers had a tracking device embedded on them).

Tik Tik and Groz reach the star system where they are attacked by pirates bearing the symbol of Crussk the Trandoshan, who killed Groz’s family years ago.

They finally find the Imperial Frigate and request to board in order to under take ship repairs. Once on board, they look around the Frigate and realise that the ship has been taken over by a cult named the “Knights of Humanity”.

Stumbling onto a temple within the frigate, Groz and Tik Tik are attacked by the Knight’s of Humanity’s Swordsman and many of his minions. In a stroke of luck, Groz and Tik Tik manage to dislodge two of the huge stone pillars; crushing the group to death.

The frigate is now on high alert, and Tik Tik and Groz begin to hunt down the Imperial Captian. Groz uses his Wookie strength to rip open a steel door with his bare hands. They enter the bridge and realise the Captain is back at the hanger bay where their ship is.

The duo race back to the hanger, notifying the Imperials that the hyperdrive has been disabled and that they can attack. Once at the hanger, a battle rages between the Cultists, Imperials, and a band of Pirates.

Groz and Tik Tik manage to capture the Captain alive for the Imperials, but as they are about to leave Groz notices Crussk taunting him in the distance…however that fight will have to be left for another day.

Episode I: Crates of Krayts

Tik-Tik and Groznagurra were asked by Sinasu the Hutt to transport Krayt dragon eggs and a young dragon from Tatooine to Nar Shaddaa. Before they could leave, they were attacked by Tusken Raiders and forced to make a run for it.

During their hyperspace travel, the two managed to successfully feed and sedate the dragon.

Once at Nar Shaddaa, they see that the landing pad has been destroyed so ask around and find out that Sinasu is hiding out in the TechTank. They arrive, only to be ambushed by Bounty Hunters. During the battle, they manage to rescue Sinasu and fly off with the Cargo.

Once safely away, Sinasu offers the duo a chance to double their reward by picking up a bounty in the spaceport of Formos.


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