Ptolomias Vae

A Feeorin Jedi Warrior specialising in Shii-Cho


After watching his master slaughtered in front of him during the great jedi purge (order 66) and barely escaping with his life, Padawan Vae took his fight, and his subsequent rage, to the empire.

The Jedi were broken, and so was his code, and his soul. Although he never fully immersed himself in the darkside, Vae lost much of what made the Jedi gaurdians of peace, he instead became an instrument of war. Striking at any and all imperial targets Vae has hindered the empire any way he could using his Jedi skills, on suicidal mission after suicidal mission.

Seeking to join his brothers in death but never finding it, he was saved when he was contacted by a Jedi historian, Lorik Feryss and his master Tmennit En’Dey. Since then he has steered away from violence, and instead aided Lorik and Tmennit in finding Jedi artifacts and has begun to regain a semblance of peace in his heart.

However the scars cut deep and his vendetta against the empire has left him with many enemies.

Ptolomias Vae

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