A Wookie, a Jawa, and a Feeorin walk into a cantina...

Episode VII: Lost Knowledge

Based on force knowledge from the now Jedi Knight that is Ptolomias Vae, our group of spacer shead to the secluded planet of Athiss. There they encounter some weird behaviour with the local tour groups. After a tough journey through the wilds of Athiss, our spacers uncover a hidden temple with strong connections to the force. Using Ptolomias’ training and Groznagurra’s natural knack of the force, our spacers find themselves confronted with what can only be a Sith apparition!

Our group manages to subdue the Sith apparition and have the choicde to collect the kyber crystals before them… however, in a surprising turn none of the group decide to collect a fully formed crystal and are left with a pouch of fragments.



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