A Wookie, a Jawa, and a Feeorin walk into a cantina...

Episode V: Echoes of the Past

Our duo reach Nar Shaddaa and drop off the required crates to the Devaronian Rajesh.

Groznagurra and Tik-Tik are approached by a nondescript man who introduces himself as a historian. He enlists their services for a simple transport and protection detail to a planet that has been off the astrogation charts for centuries, a planet on which he’s looking for an ancient artifact.

As they begin traveling with him, they are jumped by a large group of Ubese mercenaries who subsequently chase Groz and Tik-Tik off-planet.

As the three jump into hyperspace from Nar Shaddaa to the mystery planet, they soon find themselves on an abandoned planet and discover that this is a planet seeped in Jedi history.

Eventually, they find their way to an ancient Jedi temple, and delve into its secrets to obtain thea holocron that the historian tasks them with finding. After Groz and Tik-Tik find the holocron, they depart the temple only to find a Dark Jedi waiting for them over the corpse of the historian.

As the Dark Jedi leaves, he disdainfully orders his minions to wipe out the duo and comb the temple for anything useful.

As they escape back to their ship, they find a message that the historian left on board in the event of his death. The message reveals a contact he has on Mon Calamari, with whom they must rendezvous to finish the job and get paid.

Groz and Tik-Tik make this journey to Mon Calamari, barely escaping the clutches of an Imperial vessel above the lost planet. On Mon Calamari, they seek out this colleague of the Jedi historian.

Upon delivery of the holocron, Groznagurra and Tik-Tik are given the opportunity to take a glimpse into the secrets of the holocron – which leads to a trek underwater to find another artifact. However, upon retrieval of this artifact, they are again confronted by the Dark Jedi, and they must do all in their power to defeat him.

In the ensuing battle, their cherished YT-1300 Light Frieghter – The Flame Princess – is destroyed. They do however obtain a new ship as a token of thanks for helping out.

Furthermore, the Jedi that helped them on Mon Calamari has asked our duo to find her padawan, Ptolomias Vae, who would benefit from touring the galaxy and helping those in need. His last location was on Nar Shaddaa…



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