A Wookie, a Jawa, and a Feeorin walk into a cantina...

Episode IV: Dealings with Jabba

Feared crime lord Jabba the Hutt has hired the mischievous duo of Groznagurra and Tik-Tik to take care of some trouble in the small town of Anchorhead on Tatooine.

With the chance to impress an influential Hutt crime lord, our vagrants must do what it takes to solve this problem and please Jabb the Hutt.

Immediately arriving outside of Anchorhead, Groz and Tik-Tik are attacked by Tusken Raiders. They immediately repel the attack and begin their investigation.

After some severe questioning of the local drug users/dealers; they manage to locate the small fortress of the drug lord and prepare to launch an attack.

During the attack, Groznagurra realises that the Trandoshan pirate called Crussk is in the vicinty. This Trandoshan was to blame for his tribes massacre years before. Groz immediately sets Crussk on fire, who barely escapes with his life and leaving his pirate crew to fend for themselves.

After Crussk gets away, the duo turn their attention on the drug lord and take his head and datapad to Jabb the Hutt who is impressed with their skills. He offers them more work of delivering illicit goods to a Devaronian named Rajesh on Nar Shaddaa.



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