A Wookie, a Jawa, and a Feeorin walk into a cantina...

Episode III: Trouble Brewing

Finally back on track, Tik-Tik and Groz reach the Formos spaceport in search of Bandin Dobah.

Through some tough talking and threats they figure out where Bandin Dobah is hiding. But before they set off disater strikes. Whilst shopping in the busy spaceport, one of their thermal detonators un-clips from one of their belts. It explodes, causing chaos in the spaceport and an immediate Outer Rim wide bounty from the Imperials.

They head off for the final confrontation on a large asteroid within the Kessel Run itself. There they slaughter Bandin Dobah and take an Aqualish thug as prisoner.

On their way to collect their reward, they hear that Sinasu the Hutt has lost their employment in a game of Sabbacc. Instead, they are to report to Jabba the Hutt immediately on Tatooine.



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