A Wookie, a Jawa, and a Feeorin walk into a cantina...

Episode I: Crates of Krayts

Tik-Tik and Groznagurra were asked by Sinasu the Hutt to transport Krayt dragon eggs and a young dragon from Tatooine to Nar Shaddaa. Before they could leave, they were attacked by Tusken Raiders and forced to make a run for it.

During their hyperspace travel, the two managed to successfully feed and sedate the dragon.

Once at Nar Shaddaa, they see that the landing pad has been destroyed so ask around and find out that Sinasu is hiding out in the TechTank. They arrive, only to be ambushed by Bounty Hunters. During the battle, they manage to rescue Sinasu and fly off with the Cargo.

Once safely away, Sinasu offers the duo a chance to double their reward by picking up a bounty in the spaceport of Formos.



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