After a chance encounter, Wookie Groznagurra and Jawa Tik Tik ‘Boom’ are surviving the harsh Outer Rim by working for infamous crime lord Jabba the Hutt. During their travels they pick up a mysterious Feeorin by the name of Ptolomias Vae, who reveals himself to be extraordinary and unlocks something within Groznagurra

Current Group Obligations:

1-40 Groznagurra and Ptolomias’ lightsaber usage in public.

41-55 Groznagurra was betrayed by a close ally who proceeded to let a Trandoshan pirate murder Groznagurra’s entire family.

However, any work or non-innocent behaviour around Imperials will raise suspicion.

56-65 An Outer Rim wide Imperial Bounty.

65-72 Groznagurra and Ptolomias’ force usage in public.

73-77 A pair of unstable Astromech droids (R4-W9 andBeep-Boop) that could flip out at any moment.

78-82 Tik Tik’s debt to Sinasu the Hutt for helping him pay for a ship. Debt has been passed to Jabba the Hutt – current employer.


Unable to buy licensed and military equipment from legitimate sources. Too infamous for legitimate government deals.

The group can locate black markets and informants with ease. They are very well known to Outer Rim underworld groups.

A Wookie, a Jawa, and a Feeorin walk into a cantina...